Consultant Urologist

Prof. Dr. Stefan Schumacher is a German board-certified urologist who is affiliated with the University of Bonn in Germany. He was an examiner of Urology for the Department of Health Abu Dhabi for many years. He has a wide range of clinical interests including neuro-urology, female urology, and pediatric urology particularly focusing on urinary incontinence and lower urinary tract dysfunction as well as the key diagnostic tool of (video-) urodynamics.

Dr. Stefan has a wide variety of surgical know-how. During the last 17 years living abroad, he has had the chance to gain significant international experience in addition to furthering his established medical background. His experience is a combination of medical expertise, management, knowledge of different health care markets and media relations. His academic background offers expertise with teaching programs and scientific presentations as well as organization of scientific meetings. He has a wealth of knowledge of management and coordination of research teams, research studies and advanced clinical trials. His participation in guidelines committees along with his medical experience has established his scientific reputation in the field of urology.