It is highly specialized facility where different specialists work together to offer multidisciplinary care to patients complaining various disease or conditions affecting the pelvic organs. The pelvis is the anatomical area where different organs such urinary Bladder / urinary structures, reproductive organs rectum and anus are localized which are usually treated by a single specialist according to the most prevalent type of symptoms that the patient is complaining.


In many circumstances pelvic organs belonging  to different systems  such as Intestinal, Urinary and Reproductive  organs may be affected at the same time and therefore in order to achieve better  and more comprehensive care and global multidisciplinary approach is the only solution  in order to effectively improve patient's condition.



What is  Chronic Pelvic Pain?

Chronic pelvic pain is one of the most common medical problems among women. Twenty-five percent of women with CPP may spend 2 - 3 days in bed each month. More than half of the women with CPP must cut down on their daily activities 1 or more days a month and 90 % have pain with intercourse ( sex).  Almost half of the women with CPP feel sad or depressed some of the time.

CPP is any pelvic pain that lasts more than six months. Usually, the problem, which originally caused pain, has lessened or even gone away completely, but the pain continues.

What is the difference between "acute" and "chronic" pain?

Acute pain is the pain that happens when the body is hurt, such as when you break your arm.


There is an obvious cause for the pain. Chronic pain is different. We may not know what the original cause of the pain was and it may be gone. The reason pain is till there might be because of​ changes in the muscles, nerves or other tissues in and near the pelvis. The pain itself has now become the disease.


Deborah A.

I am very pleased to share my wonderful experience with Professor Francesco Cappellano and the Harley Street Medical Centre.

After months of trying various types of physiotherapy to alleviate chronic pelvic pain, I was referred to Professor Capellano by a doctor familiar with his reputation as a specialist in pelvic pain disorders. Thankfully, Professor Cappellano is one of the world’s authorities on my condition, pudendal neuralgia. He quickly diagnosed it and then structured a treatment plan. The two procedures I have undergone thus far have alleviated much of my pain, and I am hopeful that future treatments will yield further relief.

I am grateful to Professor Cappellano and his eminently qualified colleagues for their attentive care and kindness.


Moreover, I remain impressed by the professionalism of the staff at Harley Street Medical Centre and the facilities of this welcoming clinic."

Deborah A.

Mr. Saad Al.

I had a severe pain at my rectum, pelvic area for a long time. I was glancing at internet if I could find a medication for this. Thanks to Allah, I found Harley Clinic and met Dr. Francesco, Giovanni, and Massimo who diagnosed and identified my problem.

After two sessions of pudendal nerve treatment and thanks to Dr. Francesco and Giovanni who really carried both procedures in a professional manner, the pain disappeared.

I would like to thank all the Drs above and Claire who made me comfortable at the clinic.
Well done and keep up to good work.

Mr. Saad Al.

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